Player Profile: Amalie Bremer (DEN)

Danish dynamite again! The Denmark ladies were a big player of the women’s competitions in the last year. Especially one player: The 28 year old forward has an impressive list of victories: 14 World Championship Series Gold medals and also 2 World Cup Gold medals, one in Women’s Single and one with the Danish Women’s National Team. It sounds so authentic when one of the best players in the recent years, Amalie Bremer, enthuses about her best game of her outstanding career: “Yes, the deciding double in the final of the Women’s National Teams competition in Nantes in 2014 was a pretty big thing for me, and the team, and I’ll never forget that.” We are looking forward to welcome you in Hamburg and are at one with your words: “The community is the best thing about table soccer. I really love how I have made friends all over the world – just because of table soccer.” Yes, it will be a big come together in Hamburg!

5 questions to Amalie Bremer

  • Question 1: What does participating in the next World Cup in Hamburg mean to you?
  • Question 2: How difficult was it to qualify?
  • Question 3: For which disciplines have you qualified? If doubles, with whom are you playing and why (what characterizes your game, why do you like your partner)?
  • Question 4: Which opponents are you especially looking forward to playing against and for whom do you have the greatest respect?
  • Question 5: What is your goal for the World Cup in Hamburg?
The World Cup is the greatest event in foosball so of course it will always mean a lot to me to participate in that tournament. On top of that, Hamburg is a great city with a lot of great people working to promote table soccer so I can’t wait to see what they have put together this time.
For singles I qualified by winning at the 2015 Leonhart WCS, which was obviously extremely hard. For doubles I qualified via the Danish ranking. The table soccer community in Denmark on the women’s side is pretty small, but also very competitive so we always have to do our best to qualify.
I have qualified in women’s singles, doubles, speedball and classic. In the doubles disciplines I play with my usual Danish partner Amalie Wolff. We haven’t played together for so long, but have developed into quite a strong team with good performances in the open disciplines in Denmark. Amalie Wolff is a very offensive goalie that always contributes with goals and passes. Besides that she is a solid partner with a lot of blocking and a great attitude.
You only play at the World Cup if you’re a seriously talented player so I honestly have massive respect for all the players who managed to qualify for this event. Of course Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland and the USA always prove themselves strong on the women’s side, but there are too many great players attending to single some of them out here.
My goal for the World Cup is, as always, to have fun. It all comes down to this one day and everyone can beat anyone if they catch the right wave. I’ll do my best to win the whole thing of course, but if my partner and I do our best and play smart and patiently I will be satisfied either way.