Player profile: Cindy Kubiatowicz (SUI)

Switzerland’s women are a force to reckon with at this year’s World Cup. One of them is t 30-year-old allround-talent Cindy Kubiatowicz. She is an 8-time World Series champion and probably the best woman on Garlando. Although she is living in Zurich, Cindy is not a blank page in the German table soccer scene at all: She is playing for Bears Berlin in the German Women’s Bundesliga. Let’s see wether she can be a feared opponent during this years’ World Cup, too. For example in women’s doubles with highly respected Samantha Di Paolo.
The best thing about table soccer is for her: “I can meet people from all over the world and play with them. And, it is a complex game that brings me on my highest level.”
The ITSF World Cup Team wishes her the best of luck and is looking forward to welcoming her in Hamburg!

5 questions to Cindy Kubiatowicz

  • Question 1: What does participating in the next World Cup in Hamburg mean to you?
  • Question 2: How difficult was it to qualify?
  • Question 3: For which disciplines have you qualified? If doubles, with whom are you playing and why (what characterizes your game, why do you like your partner)?
  • Question 4: Which opponents are you especially looking forward to playing against and for whom do you have the greatest respect?
  • Question 5: What is your goal for the World Cup in Hamburg?
For me is it the most important tournament. It is also a confirmation that I’m a top player.
It was not easy, because every tournament is a challenge and the skill level of women is rising.
I qualified for women singles. Women doubles and Speedball I’m playing with Samantha Di Paolo and we are also nominated for the Switzerland team. She is for me an amazing player and I can learn a lot. Dina Mettler and me are also qualified for classic doubles. She is a good friend and a lovely person.
Every opponents has my respect. I will be ready and have fun to play against people from all over the world.
I would like to show my best performance and of course I want to win.