Player profile: Samantha Di Paolo (SUI)

She is definitely one of the most experienced women participating at the 2017 ITSF World Cup – Samantha Di Paolo from Switzerland. The 40-year-old table soccer veteran started playing decades ago when she was a child. Between 1990 and 2005 Di Paolo had been one of the most successful players on tour when she won renowned trophies like two World Championships and World Series Championships on Tecball, Garlando, Bonzini and Roberto Sport. For sure, this flexibility of playing different tables on a high level made and makes her the outstanding player she is.

Although she was playing on a very high level, the pin-shot-shooter stopped participating on the professional tour in 2010. But after more than 5 years of rest from table soccer she is back on track since last year and looking forward to play a successful World Cup. The ITSF World Cup Team wishes her all the best for the competitions and is happy having her in Hamburg this year!

5 questions to Samantha Di Paolo

  • Question 1: What does participating in the next World Cup in Hamburg mean to you?
  • Question 2: How difficult was it to qualify?
  • Question 3: For which disciplines have you qualified? If doubles, with whom are you playing and why (what characterizes your game, why do you like your partner)?
  • Question 4: Which opponents are you especially looking forward to playing against and for whom do you have the greatest respect?
  • Question 5: What is your goal for the World Cup in Hamburg?
This possibility that has been me granted from the Swiss Table Soccer Federation really means to me a lot. First, I have to thank the Swiss Federation for this opportunity! This year, I restarted to play competitions again, one year very significant in many ways. Coming back to play one Worlds Championships Final after 7 years not playing is very emotional, because I never thought to take it up again, and to feel again certain emotions. It is a small rebirth for me.
To be honest it was not very difficult: I just started to play again and the STF invited me to play.
Women’s national team, Women’s singles, Women’s doubles with Cindy Kubiatowicz, Speedball Women’s doubles with Cindy Kubiatowicz and Classic Women’s doubles with Michèle Sutter. I play the double competitions with Cindy because we have a good understanding, we are two fighters until the end and we feel comfortable to play together. The Classic doubles with Michèle will be a new experience for both of us, but we are training together and we feel good when we play together.
I don’t have specific opponents. I think the level has improved over the years and I think every game will be challenging. I have respect for all players. However, there is one special player who sadly has left us some years ago. For me, she remains one of the best and strongest women ever existed and her name is MOYA TIELENS. She was a nice person and also one amazing player. Rest in peace, Moya.
It will surely be exciting, and for sure one of the best editions ever. I expect to have exciting moments and nice matches, to play well and to experience fair play and nice competitions. I’m happy to meet old and new friends from all over the world. I wish all the players good luck.