Player Profile: Vojtěch Holub (CZE)

If we are talking about the best juniors during the last three years, one player has won a medal at nearly every important tournament: Vojtěch Holub. The 18-years old Czech is playing his last season as a Junior, however, he is already competitive for the Men’s category challenging the big names of the international tour.
Vojtěch loves to meet people around the world, having friends and fun at tournaments, however, he hopes that table soccer becomes more attractive for spectators. His relationship to table soccer sounds probably quite familiar to table soccer players all over the world: “I play this game almost for four years and it takes a big part of my life already. When I started to play foosball, it was great abreaction after my soccer trainings. But step by step I completely fell in love with this sport.”

We wish you a great time in Hamburg!

5 questions to Vojtěch Holub

  • Question 1: What does participating in the next World Cup in Hamburg mean to you?
  • Question 2: How difficult was it to qualify?
  • Question 3: For which disciplines have you qualified? If doubles, with whom are you playing and why (what characterizes your game, why do you like your partner)?
  • Question 4: Which opponents are you especially looking forward to playing against and for whom do you have the greatest respect?
  • Question 5: What is your goal for the World Cup in Hamburg?
I’m glad, that I can be part of this tournament and represent the Czech Republic. The World Cup is the biggest and most prestigious tournament for me, and I will try to do my best.
It was quite manageable for Juniors’ disciplines. For men’s competitions, I have to spend a lot of time practicing and traveling around the world to many tournaments.
I am qualified for Men Doubles, Junior Singles and Speedball Doubles. My team mate is Radek Drda. He is also one of my best friends, we understand each other at the table. Our advantage is to play at both position. We are sharing our opinions about the game and this brings us forward. I’m also happy that we have nominated our Junior national team together.
I look forward to play against every participant on this tournament, because there are only great players. It will be a fight 🙂
I want to be ready and healthy to show my best play in each competition.