Tables used at the World Cup

Bonzini (France), Garlando (Italy), Leonhart (Germany), Roberto Sport (Italy), Tornado (USA)

World Championships (Single and Double)

Preliminary Rounds

Between six and eight preliminary rounds will be played. Each round consists of a single game which is a race to 7. At least half the games will take place on a player’s home table. It’s possible that a player and the opponent have the same home table.


An elimination match is the best of 5 games, in which each game is played to 5 goals. Tables are alternated after each game. In the fifth game, the first ball is played on the first table, the second and third ball on the second table and tables are alternated after two balls in the further course. The final game must be won be two ball and there is no maximum number of goals in this game.

Two coin flips take place before each elimination match.  The winner of the first coin flip chooses the sides for the entire match. The winner of the second coin flip can choose either which table will be played first or to serve the first ball.

World Cup (Team)

A match is the best of three sets, in which each set consists a maximum of 40 balls. Each game in a set consists of five balls and goals are accumulated for each game in the set. The order of the games is:

  • Singles 1 (played on table which started set)
  • Doubles 1 (played on other table)
  • Doubles 2 (played on table which started set)
  • Singles 2 (played on other table)
  • Doubles 1 (played on table which started set)
  • Singles 1 (played on other table)
  • Singles 2 (played on table which started set)
  • Doubles 2 (played on other table)

In qualification, two sets are played. The first team to score 21 goals wins the set an it’s possible that a set is a 20:20 draw.  Two points are earned for a win (one team wins both sets, or wins one set and draws the second), 1 point for a draw (one team wins one set and loses the other, or both sets are a draw), and 0 points for a loss.

An elimination match is the best of three sets.  If the first or second set is 20:20, a final ball is played so that a team wins the set 21:20.  If the third set is 20:20, there is a penalty shootout. Four players participate in the penalty shootout (reserve players are also allowed to participate).

The ball is always served by the team which was last scored upon.  This includes the first ball of the second and third sets.  In qualification, if the first set is a draw, the team which did not serve to start the first set servers to start the second set.

Two timeouts are allowed per set.

Two coin flips occur before the start of the match.  The winner of the first can choose the side of the table for the entire match.  The winner of the second can choose which table is played first or to have the ball. If the first set starts on home table of the first team, the second set starts on the home table of the second team
and the third set starts on the table of the first team.

Team line-ups, including those participating in the penalty shootout, must be listed before the start of the match. Two out of the three reserve players may enter the match, but only between sets. Once a player has been substituted out, he or she cannot re-enter the match.

Please find here a sample score-sheets.