Player Profile: Ekaterina Atanasova (BUL)

Not only for Bulgaria, she is a representative of table soccer. She is a team member of the best Women Bundesliga Team Bears Berlin and her life is table soccer: It is a part of her life, and „table soccer defines“ her. Table soccer is like a meditation for her, since it diminishes her stress level, and playing and improving her play means also benefits for the everyday life. Table soccer is fun with her friends together, and that you can see directly, when you meet Kate: She is a happy person, always smiling and sometimes even laughing during an important game. The combination of this attitude, her burning ambition to win and to play table soccer with all its facets and techniques, definitely makes her one of best Women player at the moment.

See your smile in Hamburg!

5 questions to Ekaterina Atanasova

  • Question 1: What does participating in the next World Cup in Hamburg mean to you?
  • Question 2: How difficult was it to qualify?
  • Question 3: For which disciplines have you qualified? If doubles, with whom are you playing and why (what characterizes your game, why do you like your partner)?
  • Question 4: Which opponents are you especially looking forward to playing against and for whom do you have the greatest respect?
  • Question 5: What is your goal for the World Cup in Hamburg?
I am looking forward meeting my friends, playing foosball and getting ready for the COMPETITION!
I never thought of it 🙂
I will play women singles and doubles – International style as well as Classic and Speedball. Bulgaria will take part in the World Cup with its women National Team and I will take part in it as well. All the doubles I will play with Blagovesta Gerova – a great player and a friend of mine.
All! I am looking forward every game.
Have fun and to make a great competition! 🙂